Saturday, October 6, 2012

SNAP Challenge: A Week of Food

A summary of my first week under the SNAP Challenge issued by Crazy Dumbsaint of the Mind.
Day One:
  1. Eggs and sausage $1.90
  2. Tuna salad, tossed salad, apples $4
  3. GF spaghetti with meat sauce and sweet corn: $6.43. (LO corn)
Day Two:
  1. Paleo pancakes/eggs/black forest ham*
  2. Leftover something, fruit and veggies ~$2
  3. Le sigh. Dinner can bite me. Chinese takeout $33
Day Three:
  1. Cereal/eggs/bacon*
  2. Chinese leftovers with baby carrots ~$1
  3. Roast chicken (I made two for leftovers), mashed veggies (not a big hit, note to self: don't include cauliflower next time) $16
Day Four:
  1. Cereal/eggs/bacon*
  2. Chicken and GF potato gnocchi soup from leftover chicken and frozen gnocchi $0
  3. Chicken Paprikash from leftover chicken, with green beans seasoned with cooked bacon and onions. Do not drain it! Use. It. All. ~$2
Day Five:
  1. Cereal/eggs/sausage*
  2. Chicken salad from leftover chicken, veggies, and apples ~$2
  3. Tacos: 2 lbs ground turkey, can olives, two Roma toms, quarter iceberg lettuce, 1 lb cooked and seasoned black beans, 14 corn tortillas $8
Day Six:
  1. Cereal/eggs/sausage*
  2. Taco soup from leftovers $0
  3. Le sigh, I was running around at dinner time. McD's $15
Day Seven:*
  1. Big breakfast: GF pancakes and syrup, bacon, and eggs ~$1
  2. Turkey meatballs: 2 lbs, marinara for dipping, salad, and pears ~$5.50
  3. Chicken breasts (the whole package for leftovers), cooked carrots, and brown rices ~$11
*Total eggs prepared this week: 44. 18 hardboiled for snacks, and the rest went into breakfast, dumplings for the paprikash, and meatballs. My eggspenditure (hahaha) was $8.42
Total sausage prepared: 1.5 lbs $3
Total bacon: 1.5 lbs $3
Total black forest ham: 8 oz (two oz for DH breakfast and the rest to snacks. Am I the only person whose children request "a slice of meat" for a snack? $1
Cereal and milk ~$6
miscellaneous snacks: ~$10
Approximate value of food consumed $140.25 If I had cooked the carnitas instead (roast, tortillas, lettuce, and tomatoes ~$11.42), I would not have spent $48 eating out, so my week would have cost ~$103.67. There's plenty I did not include, like spices and cooking fats, nor did I factor in any of the baking goods. So, including a fudge factor of 10%, I figure I spent about $155 feeding my family this week. This is less than the budgetted $172.50 per week, but considerably more than $2/person/day.
My grocery shopping was more, however, because I spent some of next week's money on Thursday. I needed a eggs (!) and milk and since my grocery store is running their annual spend x each weeks for 6 weeks and get a $20 gift card, I bought a few extra things for next week.
Here's that list:
  • Chocolate chips $2.60
  • Juice $2.50
  • Oregano $2.40
  • Green tea $2
  • Chuck steak (discounted) $8.60
  • Almond milk (2 half gallons) $6
  • 18 eggs $2.9
  • Pork rinds $2 (don't judge me)
I have already spent $77 of next week's grocery money (drat!). I have $95.50 to add to the food I already have until next Sunday. I think I got this. ;)

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